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Communication in Crisis


György Csepeli, Zoltán Vági, Richárd Nagyfi

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Purpose and contents of the module

The subject aims at to giving insight into the processes of crisis occurring in intergroup encounters, in business organizations and in public administration. Students will be introduced into the nature of the constructive and destructive social processes. The course will focus on methods of social forecast, including methods of building predictive models of crises. Early warning systems based on real time real data will be discussed. The course will end with the introduction into the techniques and means of communication is crisis.

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Units of the module


  1. Social psychology of the constructive social relations
  2. Social psychology of the destructive social relations
  3. Construction of the enemy
  4. The game theoretical model of relationship
  5. Confrontation, competition cooperation
  6. Trust and empathy
  7. Large databases
  8. Maxims of effective communication (Quantity, Quality, Relation and Manner)
  9. The Discrepant Role of the Mediator
  10. Techniques of negotiation, persuasion and argumentation
  11. Crisis prevention, modeling social conflict, early warning systems, monitoring
  12. Strategies of crisis communication
  13. The communication of business disasters
  14. The methodology of crisis communication
  15. Media communication

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Literature of module

Compulsory reading

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Crisis, crisis communication

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