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Inter-Ethnic Relations in Europe / Antisemitism

Learners guide


  • Option 1. Social-demographic differences in European antisemitism in different countries, based on GFE data
  • Option 2. Analysis of the Nazi documentary film Ewige Jude


  • Download file: SPSS statistics data file (File download)
  • Information about this file: Representative survey on Group-Focused Enmity in Europe. This survey was conducted from October until December 2008. In each of eight countries 1.000 representatively selected citizens were interviewed by telephone. Respondents were 16 years or older. Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Hungary participated in the study. Interviews focused on prejudices towards several different target groups, on attitudes towards democracy and Europe and on individual fears, worries and orientations.
  • File size: 6.02 MB

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