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Inter-Ethnic Relations in Europe / Migration and the emergence of the new minorities in Europe

Learners guide


  • Option 1. The role of media in the recent refugee crises in Europe with a focus of 2015 events. Representation and misrepresentation. Please make a short report!
  • Option 2. LOCALMULTIDEM data analysis. How do see each others the immigrants and the autochthonous people in different cities in Europe?

Migration and the emergence of the new minorities in Europe

(Együttélés (Coexistence)) - view/download video
Still images from the video
Still images from the video
Length of video: 1 minutes(s) 23 sec
(Együttélés (Coexistence)) - Download video in different formats.
  • Download file: SPSS statistics data file (File download)
  • Information about this file: The main objective of this project is to study the degree of political integration of the foreign immigrant population in several European cities, and therefore to study multicultural democracy at the local level. The survey involved collecting information in 2008 at the aggregate (or macro) level through a claims-making analysis of the discursive opportunities relating to migrants in each of the cities and countries studied. It contains data for 9 cities: Barcelona, Budapest, Geneva, London, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm and Zurich.
  • File size: 47.83 MB

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Új Széchenyi terv
A projekt az Európai Unió támogatásával, az Európai Szociális Alap társfinanszirozásával valósul meg.

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